Our Fitness Classes

Body Blast

(1 hour) Class will pump you up! The instructor may incorporate hand weights, body bars, resistance bands and other equipment to shape and sculpt the entire body.  Concentration is on toning the major muscle groups of the upper and lower body.


(1 hour)  A motivating stationary cycling class.  Ride your way through rolling hills, steep climbs, false flats, sprints and more.  Imagine you are in a race cycling in any part of the world you can dream up!  You control the intensity.

Muscle Mix

(1 hour)  This class takes you to the next level. The emphasis is on refining the basics, learning new intermediate techniques, and building endurance. We like to mix it up in this class with circuits, intervals in combination with the step.


(1 hour).  No matter what your age or fitness level, this is for you!  Focus on strength, precision, and flow of movement.  Students will learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core.  Try this full body experience!

Sunrise Yoga

(1 hour) A great way to awaken and rejuvenate. Gentle movement and a flow of poses linked by breath come together to create a practice that is energetic enough to leave you ready for whatever the day has top offer.

Yoga Flow

(1hour) Links classical yoga posture and creative variations into fluid movement using the breath. This class is faster-paced and can be vigorous, but is still appropriate for all levels of experience. When mind, body, breath, and spirit unite in the flow it becomes a moving meditation.

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