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Small group training sessions are result-driven programs with accountability, coaching, diet and nutritional advice.


If you want to get in the best shape of your life, the P90X® Extreme Fitness system is the program for you and is now available in a small group sessions.  P90X® uses the science of Muscle Confusion™ to constantly challenge your body with new moves and routines. So your results never plateau, and you get in better shape in less time and be held accountable by your coach!

P90X is a compilation of highly diverse and intense workouts.  It’s a total-body program that incorporates strength training, cardio, core, yoga and flexibility.   Working with a coach we will customize your approach by designing a work out calendar based on your schedule.  Our facility is part of the PRO TEAM allowing us to introduce newer formats to our sessions.  This way you never get bored doing the same thing.

You will also get the complete P90X 3 phase nutrition plan and 24/7 coach support for access to our private challenge group.  The P90X begins and ends with a fit test and photos (optional).  We do this to accurately track the progress and goals for our clients.  Our P90X sessions includes the following work outs:

  • Chest & Back: Upper body exercises for strength, definition and solid fitness foundation.
  • Shoulders & Arms: A combination of pressing, curling, and fly movements help you get stronger and more defined.
  • Legs & Back: Squat, lunge, and pull for an allover workout.
  • Ab Ripper X: Sculpt your six-pack and work your entire core.
  • P90X Live: Elements from P90X, P90X2, and P90X3 creating a flexible program for a small group setting. Intense workout, not only for strength, but for overall fitness.



An intense cardio program, based on max interval training. This class will push you past your limits with athletic/plyometric drills and mixed intervals of strength, power, and core training. No equipment or weights needed. You don’t have to be in extreme shape– all levels welcome!!  Time to dig deep! SOUNDS JUMPY & FAST…WRONG!  High Intensity doesn’t have to mean high impact. Every person’s intensity level is different from everyone else in class.  With timed segments, you don’t have to follow the beat of the music, you get in as many repetitions as it right for you! WHY DOES THAT NAME SOUND FAMILIAR? This workout comes to you formatted for a group setting from Shawn T and Beach body.  They have a popular at home workout that is the same name and similar format. Late night TV junkie?  Maybe you have seen the popular infomercial! EXPERIENCED INSANITY AT HOME?  Now come get the experience in a group setting with added energy, enthusiasm, and push from an coach that will help you continue to reach your goals.



Are you ready for real results? Those longer workouts don’t always deliver better results. In fact, major studies show that the first 30 minutes of exercise can be every bit as effective at burning fat as workouts that are twice as long. You can get an hour’s worth of training in just 25 mintues.  This work out is FULL BODY with NO REST 30 second intervals.  Using weights, bands, gliders and body bars for this session.  Cardio intervals in between each muscle group.  It’s short, sweaty….and done in 25 minutes.  NO BS, just  amazing results!



For years, we’ve been focusing on calories burned during exercise, but new research reveals that we should focus on what happens after exercise is over. Tabata workouts are short in duration with 20 seconds of high intensity and 10 seconds of recovery. This session was designed to boost post exercise caloric burn so your metabolism keeps burning more calories long after the exercise is over.  Some of our sessions include Tabata Full Body, Tabata Team Training.!


Cardio Skills & Drills

This class combines skills and drills with alternating strength training and cardio circuits. May also include plyometrics, sprints and calisthenics. This class can be indoor or outdoor and a base fitness level is recommended.



A popular interval program that mixes calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training.  This is designed in a way to be different all the time, and push our participants harder than they’d push themselves. We want to keep you guessing – and challenge you differently every session! Although our coaches may push you like a Drill Sargent our goal is to offer encouragement rather than intimidation. We want you to have tons of fun!


Box N Burn

Strengthen your entire body, release everyday stress, and improve your self-confidence!  Fight to be fit with this authentic, boxing inspired workout.  Get into the zone with a heart pumping warm-up, use the medicine ball in ways you’ve never dreamed of, and harness the power of your body as you learn how to throw punches and combinations. Maximize your workout in minimum time!


Tread N Shed

This program is new and unique cardio boot camp. The combination of cardio (choice of treadmill, bike, elliptical, or stairs), combined with resistance training, cardio drills, and core training will give you an amazing workout! Pairing cardio work with weight training, you will build lean muscle mass and burn calories in this fun, up-tempo workout.


Cardio Ab/Ab Blast/Core & More

You will love this total core workout. Focus is on basic abdominal work and lower back exercises. Equipment may include all sorts of props!  Such as Wall Balls, Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, Bosu, Stability Ball, Gliders and Bender Balls. Core & More is 15 minutes on the bender ball followed by 15 minutes of functional work.  Ab blast is 15 minutes of functional work. Cardio Ab blast is 30 minutes of functional core work with cardio stations built in.


Pilates Express

Got just a few minutes?  Pilates express has invigorating music and non-stop sequencing to get the job done in 30 minutes.  Use of props such as bands, hand weights and your own bodyweight.  We keep the moves fresh for the body and mind.


Booty Duty

Specially designed lower body exercises are formatted to sculpt, tighten and tone your rear assets.  This is the best butt blasting work out session.  You will love this one!! All levels welcome.


Stretch & Roll

Over training is a major problem in the fitness industry with a mentality of if it does not hurt then you are not working hard enough resulting in fatigue mentally and physically leading to injuries! In this session you will walk away with essential tools of foam rolling and pressure point therapy to remove toxins from your body, combined with restorative exercises and resetting your alignment. Myofascial release is a technique that helps to free up fascial trigger points throughout the body helping you release deep tension in the muscles and fascia. This is an excellent session for athletes, people who feel stiff or anyone looking for deep muscle release.



This fusion of Pilates, Yoga and Barre has been created with an extensive look at the purpose of each and every exercise, based on functional movements in all three planes of motion to create strength, flexibility, and balance in the body. This session utilizes well known props which bring fun and excitement and lets you experience the fun of joy of movement with-out being a ballet dancer.   You do not have to be a classical dancer to appreciate the movement of vertical training for stronger legs butt and back utilizing Gliding™ and Bender Ball™.   Progression and regression of all exercises for any students, from beginners to advanced or even those with injuries.


Booty Duty

Specially designed lower body exercises are formatted to sculpt, tighten and tone your rear assets.  This is the best butt blasting work out session.  You will love this one!! All levels welcome.


Dirty in 30

Don’t have time for a full workout? Oh yes you do!  Be prepared to get a total body work out done is just 30 minutes and move along with your day. We will begin with a short warmup and move into full body exercises.  Be ready to give it your all when you walk in the door!


Power Pump 321

Using les mills straight bar, and adding challenging plates to sculpt major muscle groups into ultimate shape.  Burn excess fat and develop gorgeous muscle tone.  3 minutes of Strength, 2 minutes Cardio, 1 Minute of Core.  We recommend you have light hand weights in addition to the straight bar. You will love this challenge!!!



Cycle-60 minute session you ride your way through rolling hills, steep climbs, false flats and sprints.  Imagine you are racing in any part of the world you can dream up.  You control the intensity!  This session has lots of strength and endurance built into the ride.

Cycle-45 minute express has all the same benefits as a regular cycle session with less hill work and more intervals.

Cycle-30 minute is fast paced and interval based with short recoveries.  Short and to the point!!


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